Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software is a powerful set of tools which automate and accelerate the sales process of your Online Shop on one platform.

Main Characteristics of Marketing Automation Software

Advanced Tracking system of Visitors and Leads

See all your visitors’ and leads’ activity on your website, and their response to your marketing campaigns

Personalized Customer Journeys

Create a unique customer journey for each person, based on their interests, behaviour and attributes

Sales Process Automation

Automate your sales process by means of a network of automated workflows, dynamic mailing lists and personalized content

Fully Integrated CRM

Notify your Sales team when a visitor is ‘ready to buy’ or when a lead who has received a proposal by email returns to your website – providing you with personalized information about each lead

One-to-one Marketing

Have personalized conversations with your audience after segmenting them according to their interests and activity

See your ROI for each Marketing Campaign

By tracking your sales, you can calculate the Return on Investment for each one of your Marketing Campaigns

How to Implement Marketing Automation Software

In order to implement Marketing Automation Software, you need to have a clear Inbound Marketing Strategy whereby you have identified not only who your ideal Clients are and how to attract them, but also their life-cycles, in order to create an efficient Sales Process.

When an E-commerce implements a solid Inbound Marketing Strategy in conjunction with Marketing Automation Software, it creates an efficient mechanism for converting simple visitors into Clients who will be loyal to your business.

Marketing Automation Software
Free Demonstration of Marketing Automation Software

See in real time how Marketing Automation Software works, and how it can help your online shop.

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