Inbound Marketing Automation

At FJ Solutions we create Inbound Marketing Automation strategies for your e-commerce and implement them in the most efficient way possible, according to your available resources.

What is Inbound Marketing Automation?

Inbound Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing is the most efficient way of attracting new visitors to your online shop and converting them into loyal customers.

It involves turning the traditional marketing flow on its head, so that your potential clients are the ones who are themselves gradually attracted towards your company.

Their interest is captured by the information you provide them. Whether they are “ready-to-buy” or not, Inbound Marketing attracts and nurtures them until they are ready to convert into customers.

We achieve this by means of various automated processes.

The concept of  Inbound Marketing Automation is based on a solid Inbound Marketing strategy, working in conjunction with a Marketing Automation Software Programme.

How does Inbound Marketing Automation work?

Inbound Marketing Automation

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Inbound Marketing Automation

Ideal Client

The aim of Inbound Marketing is to attract and convert the most profitable visitors to your website. Your conversion rate will improve greatly when your traffic is composed of visitors for whom your products and services are a perfect fit.

The way to achieve this is to identify and analyse the most profitable clients for your business, and create profiles of these Ideal Clients by detailing their problems, needs, demographic details, and any other information that allows us to create the basis for our processes of Attraction, Conversion and Retention.


This is the cornerstone of Inbound Marketing; the initial starting point from which simple visitors are converted into loyal customers of your e-commerce.

The objective of this phase is to attract your Ideal Clients by means of various marketing channels, then to capture their email addresses by means of offering Premium Content and so starting the Conversion process.

The only aim of this Phase is to attract the visitor and offer them the most interesting Premium Content to suit their needs.

Inbound Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing Automation

Email Capture

This Phase is the link between the processes of Attraction and Conversion, where simple visitors turn into names Leads in our system.

The object of this Phase is to create Premium Content (i.e. a video / e-book / course / article) of high quality and something very desirable to our Ideal Clients, so that they are willing to provide us with their name and email in exchange for reading/viewing/downloading it – depending on the type of content.

Once the name and email address have been exchanged for the Premium Content, the Conversion and Retention processes begin.

Lead Qualification

Once the Lead’s email address has been captured, the Marketing Software immediately starts to apply the system of Lead Scoring. This is an automated points system which qualifies our Leads according to their profile and how ready-to-buy they are.

We can apply the Lead Score according to how much information they provided / which form they have filled out / which pages they have visited / frequency of visits / past purchases.

If we have more detailed personal information on the Lead, we can also apply Lead Scoring to various characteristics such as: age, revenue of company, number of employees, industry, etc.

Inbound Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing Automation

Education or Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing involves educating our potential clients by means of automated email marketing and personalized web content, according to their level of maturation or readiness-to-buy, which we can determine by their Lead Score.

Thanks to Marketing Automation Software we can nurture and educate our Ideal Clients in an automated and personalized way.

This is like one-to-one marketing, but automated!


Conversion is when a Lead turns into a Client of your business normally by buying a product or contracting a service.

If your online shop has a Sales Team, Marketing Automation Software can instantly notify them (or even a specific Lead Owner) the moment a Lead is considered ready-to-buy, providing them with all the information they need to close the sale via the integrated Customer Relationship Management system

In the case of an e-commerce, when a Lead reaches a certain Score, we can trigger specific “Workflows” or series of emails with offers or reminders, based on their behavior and history within the Software.

The end of this Phase will be the closing of a Sale.

Inbound Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing Automation


It is more costly to your business to lose a client than to capture a new one.
So the process of retention and building customer loyalty is equally or even more important than gaining new ones.

Thanks to Marketing Automation Software we have a complete history of the engagement and preferences of each one of our clients, allowing us to deploy personalized automated retention emails (or other processes such as follow-up calls) specific to each of our clients or client segments.

The specific methods will vary according to your business.

Analysis & Optimization

Inbound Marketing is an automated engine designed to attract new visitors and then convert them into a loyal customer. This engine is driven by three main components: Attraction, Conversion, and Retention.

Just like any machine, this engine needs to be maintained and optimized in order to find any points of failure in the process – such as a bottleneck in the process – and also to optimize it to be a highly efficient motor which constantly improves over time.

These improvements and adjustments are as important as the creation of the initial process.

Inbound Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Software

Finally, Marketing Automation Software is what makes this whole process possible, from the moment we capture the visitor’s email address up until we convert them into a loyal client of our business – analyzing every part of this complex process in order to continually optimize it and make it constantly more efficient.

It works by means of the dynamic segmentation of our potential clients, in real time and varying according to the behavior of each one, showing them the ideal content at the right time so that they move gradually forward along the process to convert to clients.

Without Marketing Automation Software, Inbound Marketing becomes difficult to streamline, measure and control.

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