What is Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation consists of a set of tools which automate and accelerate the conversion process, transforming simple visitors to your website into customers who are loyal to your e-commerce.

It is fundamental when implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy as it not only helps to lower your costs by means of its automated processes, but it also improves your rates of conversion and customer retention, and thereby increases the ROI (Return on Investment) of your online business.

Marketing Automation consists of the following tools:

  • An Email Marketing platform, to manage your outgoing emails without having them marked as Spam and/or compromising your IP or domain name.
  • An advanced visitor tracking system, which not only allows you to track visitors across your web pages, but also enables you to see their behaviour or their response to any of your Marketing strategies (such as Social Media campaigns, marketing emails sent, or online advertising).
  • A form builder, which acts as the gateway to your visitors during the process of converting them from visitors to paying customers.
  • A Lead Scoring or Lead Qualification system, which allows you to score and qualify each and every Lead who enters into your CRM.
  • A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, fully integrated with your lead gateway: your Form Builder.
  • The ability to create Automated Workflows, which are triggered according to the behaviour of your Leads within your website, or in their response to your various Marketing efforts.
  • A dynamic segmentation system of leads and visitors, according to their behaviour within your website or in response to your Marketing strategy.
  • Content Personalization enables us to provide our Leads with the ideal content at just the right time – depending on how far they are along the conversion process – thereby accelerating their conversion into paying customers.
  • A reporting system which allows you to calculate the ROI of your marketing campaigns, which is essential in order to see the extent to which each one is producing successful financial returns.
What is Marketing Automation

While there are isolated applications which can cover most of these tools and processes, if they are not all fully integrated then Marketing Automation ceases to be fully ‘automated’ and ends up being a complicated mix of separate tools which function independently, resulting in a marked loss of efficiency and a lowering of the conversion rate, as well as the ROI.

To achieve the full benefits of Marketing Automation requires using a Marketing Automation Software, which integrates all the tools in one single application.

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