What are the benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a set of tools which automate and accelerate the process of nurturing and converting your website’s visitors into customers who are loyal to your e-commerce.

So what are the benefits of Marketing Automation Software?

  • Generate more leads thanks to the advanced tracking system – identifying and tracking anonymous visitors, in order to later convert them into personal ‘named’ leads once they have completed a form and entered the CRM system.
  • Significantly increase the number of Qualified Leads by using personalized workflows which accelerate and automate their maturation, thereby nurturing them until they are ready to buy your products or contract your services.
  • Lead Scoring will allow you to increase your sales by identifying Leads who are ready to buy – or highly interested in – your products or services and instantly notifying your Sales team. It also allows you to track their progress and provide personalized customer service via the integrated CRM system.
  • Improve the Retention and Loyalty of your current customers, by creating content and automated marketing workflows based on your extensive tracking of their behavior and preferences.
  • And finally, the most important thing of all: calculate the ROI of each stage of your Marketing strategy by tracking the sales process from start to finish. This allows you to see whether each marketing campaign has been profitable or not.
What are the benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Software is not only essential for any Online Business which wants to increase its revenue in the most automated way possible – but it is also a determining factor in calculating which marketing campaigns are most profitable for your e-commerce.

The most efficient and effective way to attract new visitors and convert them into loyal customers of your business is by means of a solid Inbound Marketing strategy based on a Marketing Automation platform… known as Inbound Marketing Automation.

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