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What are the benefits of having my business on Facebook? Facebook Marketing Tip

Surely some friend or colleague had mentioned already, "You must have your company on Facebook, you can’t be out of it." And like any entrepreneur that doesn’t want to be relegated in the past having the modernity wave passing over, you joined Facebook. You created a Facebook profile, browsed and researched a little, added friends and potential clients.

After a few months you give up, sinking in the vast Ocean that today is Facebook with more than 500 million users, in the makeshift raft you built for your company in the form of User Profile. You spent a lot of time paddling in circles, not moving forward, without a glimpse of possible benefits in your view.

As you read our guide you will acquire the knowledge you need to achieve your goals in Facebook, plus a new sea of opportunities that we will display for you. We will remove the blindfold from your eyes so you can see further and start using Facebook as a sales and relationship tool with your potential customers.

What are the benefits of having my business on Facebook?

We could write a whole book about all the benefits of why your company MUST BE on Facebook, but lets cover the main ones:

The high dispersion of opinions

Maybe you don’t know it, but your company may already have a presence on Facebook and Twitter without you lifting a finger. How can that be? Because we live in an Era where information runs fast; where people are competing to get the info online first in an attempt to create trends. Social networks are here to spread information throughout the world, overcoming the barriers that stand between different languages and cultures.

Suppose you own a hotel (Hotel Example) and a guest is not satisfied with your room. As all users of Facebook, the first thing you do once you leave the bags and relax is to write on your wall: "I arrived to Miami and I'm in a bad mood, the rooms at (Hotel Example) are a mess.”
The average Facebook user has 130 friends, so now these people have seen that bad comment about your business. Assume further that the two best friends of our guest and his sister write about the comment he made, mocking, laughing, giving advice, etc.. This comment not only reaches the 130 friends of our guest, but also friends of these three might be reading it. Assuming that his best friends are average users (130 friends each) and his sister is a user who spends more time online (250 users) the number has risen in a few seconds to 130 + 130 + 130 + 250 = 640 people in just a few seconds! 640 people (potential customers) have seen that your hotel rooms are "a mess." And they were not told by just anyone, but a friend or an acquaintance—someone trustworthy. Do you think that if any of them travels to Miami they will choose your hotel?

Thanks to this simple example, you have captured the power of Facebook and the potential of various social networks. Just think, all of this in a few short seconds. Now assume the "mockery" of your friends is very witty, comments can spread to thousands of potential customers in just a few minutes.

Your company MUST BE on Facebook to avoid the spread of a bad image and promote, however, a positive image.

500 million and counting

Facebook currently has 500 million users and is in full expansion. After Google, is the most visited website. Users spend hours on Facebook, following their friends, seeing their pictures, if they are single or in a relationship, etc.

More than 30 billion objects (links to websites, publications, wall comments, notes, photos, etc..) are shared each month.

People are investing a total of 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook and every day that number is increasing.

Do not deprive your business from reaching markets and goals that haven’t even been dreamed yet. Let it fly!

New visitors, new potential customers!

Recently, no more than a year ago, if a company wanted to have an Internet presence it had to be in the top of the result pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo!. Not on the third page or the second, but in the first 3 positions of the first page of search results. What’s the use of a website if no visits were obtained?

Today Facebook has changed it all. Now you can find a niche on Facebook and forfeit completely any visits from Google and other search engines. You can even generate leads from Facebook without having to send potential customers to your website, as everything is done within it.

The new search results page of Google is the "Top News" of Facebook. The way you reach your customers and do business is changing fast.E-commerce is mutating, very gradually, in an S-commerce (Social Commerce) or F-commerce (Facebook Commerce).
Facebook Commerce or F-Commerce
If your company missed the wave of E-commerce do not miss this great wave of the S-commerce, because it appears to be a huge Tsunami.

The publicity taken to another level

Though Google took online advertising to new levels with the ability to filter the publicity by countries, time slot and languages; Facebook Advertising has led to a superlative level. In Facebook you can choose not only the country of your potential customers, but you can also choose between different demographic filters.

To give you an idea that, you can show your ad only to: men between 30 and 35 years old, married, living in the city of Las Vegas and with golf as a hobby, during the weekend of December 18 – 19.

Yes, your company can achieve greatness with Facebook at very low costs.

For more information, watch the next video: Facebook Ads

Let your business reach the type of ideal person, do not waste advertising resources!

A less aggressive marketing

To reach customers, the old marketing techniques (television, radio, magazine ads, etc.) are becoming less effective for one simple reason: its potential customers are tired of the constant advertising invasions in their daily lives.

What are we users doing? Just blocking or ignoring them more and more. We become less attentive to the attacks of marketing companies.

Facebook provides your company a means by which you will have an enjoyable and dynamic communication with potential customers, without violently disrupting their lives or attacking them with ads or promotions. They will enter your company voluntarily, without being forced.

Curiosity, interest, vanity, many are the reasons that will make your potential customers visit you. Upon entering your Facebook page, these visitors will be virtually peering into your sales strategy. It will only take the click on the button I LIKE to make the first step in this vast descending stairs known as Sales Tunnel (in following articles we’ll analyze this in detail).

If we have done things right, we will be filtering these visitors to sift the gold powder of your business—your ideal clients. These are not just customers who will buy your products or services, but also will provide referrals to their friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Now that you know the main reasons why your company MUST BE on Facebook, the next chapter will tell you how to create and optimize a Facebook page for your company.

If you already have a Facebook page and do not get any results, I invite you to tell us your experience and show us your page. In addition to advertise it for free, you will give us the opportunity to make you change your mind.

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