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9 hot Internet Marketing news to end February

While the week has left behind a lot of Internet Marketing News, we remark  the one from Google, which offers the possibility of connecting documents of Microsoft Office over the Google Docs platform, between different computers anywhere in the world, in real time.

Let's see the weekly Online Marketing News summary:

Featured new: Google Docs now connected to Microsoft Office

Now you can have all the benefits of Google Docs in your Microsoft Office package: work in real time with a Word document on your computer with someone elsewhere arround the world.

To start using it, it requires a Google Account  and install the following plugin: Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office.

Hotmail launches the Facebook chat to all its users

Although limited, for now, no more than 1,000 friends, Hotmail has just launched,   for all countries, Facebook chat . Whith this, Hotmail seeks to return to compete with the overwhelming Gmail.

Facebook Chat on Hotmail

Event Summary: Think Mobile with Google

In our previous Online Marketing  weekly news (11-Feb), we have commented about this event. If you were unable to attended, you could watch the entire event (1:09 pm) here:

For those who do not have much time, you can download the 10 Mobile Trends (PDF file), and Time for Mobile is Now (also in PDF file.)

As we mentioned in our Internet Marketing Predictions, consumers are increasingly using mobile phones to browse and buy online. Let's see how users are using today mobile phones to surf the Internet:

Some facts (and their respective comments) on mobile phone users in the United States:

• 39% use the Internet on their smartphones while going to the bathroom
We use our smartphones every day more often. It's a fact that you should have your website compatible with mobile phones. The optimum would be to have a mobile site itself.

70% have used their smartphones while shopping in-store
Having a cell phone compatible online store, power the sales.

• 88% of people looking for local information (e.g. restaurants in miami), have taken action within a day. By "take action" we mean: contact, go to the local, call, buy.
Mobile web sites have a strong weight in local searches.

Your online store in Facebook thanks to Qstoms 

Create your own online store in minutes with this new application called Qstoms. You can upload your own designs, choosing sales prices and, in less than two minutes, have your products on Facebook.

tienda online en Facebook

Now you can see in Linkedln an annual summary of your connections

Using the new application of LinkedIn, Year in Review, now you can see on one screen all your contacts who got promoted, changed jobs, or started something interesting in 2011, 2010, or 2009.

Nueva app en LinkedIn: Year in Review

Map your Facebook friends arround the world

Using the new application called Where my friends be?, you can see all your Facebook friends in one single map.

New video from Google Webmaster Tools

In this video, Matt answered the question: Does Google still recommend 100 links or fewer per page?

Google launches a new way to search recipes

Trough Recipe View, you can easily find recipes, either by ingredients, preparation time or even the calories.

Save on Calls with Skype To Go

Skype To Go is a new way to call friends, family and colleagues from any mobile or landline; even your 10-year-old mobile or antique landline phone. You don’t need an Internet connection, and you don’t need to be in a 3G coverage area.

Skype to go

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