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7 hot news in Online Marketing to keep you informed

Google Social Search Update

Take a look at the updates to Google Social Search. The new improvements enable you to get even more information from people you are connected to (from Twitter, Flickr, Blogger or other publicly available sites). Very interesting. It seems that Google is giving more and more power to the users in the search results.

100+ upcoming Social Media Events

Mashable puts together a calendar of upcoming social media and web events, parties and conferences. Most of the events in: Miami, New York, Washington, San Francisco.

LinkedIn Guide To Small Business Success in videos

We’re always looking for creative ways to help our users to learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn. Knowing that the average office worker can only watch a screenshot tutorial for a few seconds before the onset of spontaneous narcolepsy, we developed a fun, retro-themed webseries for small and medium business owners.

LinkedIn Guide for Small Business

Episode 1: You and Your Company Watch video >
Episode 2: You and Your Customers Watch video >
Episode 3: You and Your Team Watch video >
Episode 4: You and Your Reputation Watch video >
Epiosde 5: You and Your Funding Watch video >
Epiosde 6: You and Your Partners Watch video >

YouTube wants Non-profits to Make Amazing Videos

YouTube is launching its 5th Annual DoGooder Non-Profit Video Awards. The contest is also syncing up with YouTube’s Non-Profit Program, a support page and dedicated channel for non-profits. The program offers tips, how-tos, and the ability for non-profits to include special features like a “donate button” on their channel. A non-profit video must be registered with the program in order to be considered. Categories: Arts, Health, Environment, Human Rights, Disaster Relief and much more.

New Chrome extension: block domains from Google’s web search results

Google has been exploring different algorithms to detect content farms, which are sites with shallow or low-quality content. That is the reason they are launching this experimental Chrome extension, so people can block sites from their web search results.

Google Public Data Explorer

The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to visualize. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand. For example: watch the Unemployment in the U.S. (click on the play button) from Jan 1990 until Dec 2010.

Google Public Data Explorer

Make Android Your Own

Androidify (a free app from Android Market) lets you take the little green Android, and turn it into yourself, your friends, your family, anyone! Stretch it , shrink it, add a hoody, style its hair, throw on some shades, or even give it a parrot and a pirate hat. Watch the video.


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Most of the events in: Miami, New York, Washington, San Francisco
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